Valentina Milluzzo † (2016) – Italy

Fact Sheet on Valentina Milluzzo’s Death
November 15, 2016
Information in this fact sheet was compiled from publicly available sources like media reports, statements from the family, and the preliminary official report.
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When a Fetal Heartbeat Is More Important, Sometimes Women Die
image003Oct. 30, 2016, by Silvana Agathon and Lisa Canitano
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Preliminary Report from the Board of Health, and Critiques
October 24, 2016 (revised Nov 24), by Joyce Arthur
This document contains the preliminary report from the Board of Health in Catania regarding the death of Valentina Miluzzo on Oct 16, in both Italian and English. Following the report are three instructive criticisms that were posted in response to the report, also in Italian and English. Then a critique of the report by Joyce Arthur, showing that the timeline in the report demonstrates medical negligence.
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Valentina, who had no choice but to die from a miscarriage
Oct. 27, 2016, by Dr. Elisabetta Canitano
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Police launch inquiry into death of woman ‘refused’ an abortion by Sicilian doctors
The Guardian, 23, Oct 2016 by Stephanie Kirchgaessner

Valentina’s father: “My daughter screamed in pain, the doctor said he couldn’t intervene.”
Oct. 20, 2016, Catania Italy: Video of interview with Valentina’s father

Source (translated from Italian): [valentinas-father-interview pdf]

Abortion laws under fire in Italy after death of Valentina Milluzzo, 20.10.2016 by Elizabeth Schumacher

Italy abortion row as woman dies after hospital miscarriage, 20.10.2016