Aurora (2012) Costa Rica

Woman denied abortion for fatal fetal abnormality forced to carry to term and suffer multiple rights violations

32-year old Aurora became pregnant in June 2012, after several attempts. In August, she attended a prenatal checkup at the hospital, where her pregnancy was diagnosed with “possible abdominal wall syndrome”. The doctor said they had to wait until the 12th week of pregnancy to be sure, but that if confirmed, the fetus would not survive at birth. The diagnosis was confirmed in the 11th week. The situation plunged Aurora into a state of acute depression accompanied by explosive vomiting that lasted throughout the pregnancy. Aurora requested that a therapeutic abortion be performed (as the law allowed), but her request was denied. Aurora told La Nación newspaper: “He was drowning in my stomach for weeks, with his lungs outside his body, ripped open by my own organs.”

On Dec 17, 2012, Aurora filed a petition with the Supreme Court of Justice of Costa Rica to request an “advancement of her birth” so as not to prolong suffering. Aurora reported multiple violations of her rights when she sought advice on the condition of her pregnancy and the implications for her health. Nevertheless, her appeal was rejected on Feb 22, 2013. Meanwhile, Aurora was hospitalized on Dec 30, 2012 for severe pain and premature rupture of membranes. She gave birth to a fetus that died immediately after a Caesarean section. After this trauma, Aurora suffered from social inhibition, anxiety, and severe emotional detachment.

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